Learn to kite !

Kitesurfing is young and fast growing water sport in the world. With proper training and equipment, you can experience the freedom of riding with the power of wind. IKO (international kiteboarding organization) instructors can help you learn in a fast, safe and pleasant way, you just need to open your mind and start the journey!

Your goal is our achievement!

As experienced instructors we know that the best way to learn kiteboarding is private or semi private lessons. You get all the attention and learning process is pleasant and more effective also you will save your time and money and you will become an independent kiteboarder in no time. Let’s score your goal !


Save Money and Time

You will save money by taking lessons with our schools professional and experienced instructors, rather than trying to learn on your own. Why trash your new equipment when you can take lessons using our kites, boards and accessories? Do not forget that learning by yourself is dangerous and could take ages, that is why our team works according to the latest methods to take your kiteboarding skills to the next level.

Safety first

Learning kiteboarding is an extreme activity that can be fun and safe if you take the right precautions, use the equipment correctly and most important choose a professional and experienced instructor. Our IKO certified instructors have extensive experience in teaching kiteboarding all over the world and use only high quality equipment, latest safety gear and newest teaching methods. Your safety first!

IKO Certified Kiteboarding Instructional Program

After the lesson students are evaluated and certified with an IKO Kiteboarder Card stating their level. By presenting this card to any IKO centre worldwide, the student can continue their training, rent equipment suited to their level, receive discounts on goods and services.